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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Submit Blogs and Blog RSS Feeds

Blog Digger - submit your rss feed for your blog
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BlogTopSites- add blogs (they will provide required code that must be inserted in your website, in order for blogtopsites to rank your blog)
iBlogBusiness - add business blogs only
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Podcast Submissions
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Micro Sites

Micro Sites

mommy makeover
Our facility was designed to be elegant and welcoming. Our staff has been trained to anticipate your needs and desires so the entire plastic surgery experience is smooth for you. Our plastic surgeon medical director was trained at the finest universities in the country and is the product of the most competitive and prestigious institutions, including Stanford University and UCLA Medical Center for general surgery and plastic surgery training.

california tummy tuck
We also do all of our cosmetic surgery procedures in our state-of-the art outpatient surgery center. This facility has been inspected and certified by the Federal Government to assure the highest level of safety in our layout, construction, staff training and credentials, and equipment.

Beverly hills cosmetic surgeon
Our innovative approach to the Mommy Makeover and meeting patient desires and needs has been the focus of many media reports in the national and international media. Some recent stories have appeared on Access Hollywood, Elle, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, England’s Daily Mail, and on France’s TV1.

The Future of RSS

Thanks to the efforts of the likes of Jonathan Eisenzopf, Dave Winer and Netscape, future versions of RSS will incorporate popular additional fields like news category, time stamps, and more. With thousands of sites now RSS-enabled and more on the way, RSS has become perhaps the most visible XML success story to date. RSS democratizes news distribution by making everyone a potential news provider. It leverages the Web's most valuable asset, content, and makes displaying high-quality relevant news on your site easy. Soon we'll see RSS portals with user-rated channels, cool RSS site of the day, build your own topic-specific portal, and highly relevant search engines. A collective weblog would be another intriguing possibility. May the best content win.

WebRef and RSS

We've been preaching the gospel of RSS for some time now at Webref, but lately we've got religion. Our Perl expert, Jonathan Eisenzopf, has been active in promoting RSS, even writing a Perl module for easy manipulation of RSS files, XML::RSS. Doc JavaScript has gone daily with his popular JavaScript Tip of the Day channel, and our XML expert, as you can imagine, has his own channel, and has created a Java applet for displaying RSS feeds.

We've adapted News Harvester to accept and output RSS files, and now use a modified version of Jon's channel manager script to update our front page and RSS file simultaneously. Now updating our front page is just a Web form away, and you can do the same for your site. To encourage the spread of RSS we're providing our channel manager script as open source:

RSS Aggregators

There are a number of RSS news aggregators out there that automatically suck up RSS files from content providers and present the news in a variety of ways (,,, Many make it easy to drop an RSS feed into your site. In fact, O'Reilly's new Meerkat Open News Wire service, is an example of what can be done with RSS and some clever code. Meerkat aggregates the currently available technical RSS feeds, and filters new stories by time, topic, keywords, and even regular expression. Narrowing the new stories down to your interests is a breeze, all entirely automated. O'Reilly Network's President and CEO Dale Dougherty:

"What interests me about RSS is the ability to begin to monitor the flow of new information on the net. We all know what sites exist; what we really want to know is how often sites generate new information. As a writer and editor, I thought Meerkat would be valuable to watch what was happening in different technical communities. What I especially like about RSS and looking at feeds from hundreds of sites is that you can see the Web work at a grassroots level. I thought that Meerkat is the kind of tool I'd want to keep track of what is going on. We realized that this wasn't just useful to editors but to anyone who wants to be able to respond to new information.

I'm not sure where Meerkat will take us, but it feels like it's opening up a remarkable new view of the Web. We'd really like to see more and more sites become RSS-enabled. RSS can do for them what Yahoo did for them in 1994, which is drive traffic by letting others know what you are doing. The difference is now we can notify others not just of a new site, but of new stories -- new activity on our site."

Syndication Options

Publishing your RSS feed is just the beginning. RSS, really a mini database containing headlines and descriptions of what's new on your site, is a natural for layering on additional services. In addition to displaying your news on other sites and headline viewers, RSS data can flow into other products and services like PDA's, cell phones, email ticklers. and even voice updates. Email newsletters can easily be automated with RSS. Even more compelling, affiliate networks and partners of like-minded sites (say a collection of Linux sites) can harvest each other's RSS feeds, and automatically display the new stories from the other sites in the network, driving more traffic throughout.

In this Web-like way RSS encourages in context multiple points of entry to one primary article, rather than multiple copies of the same article (which introduces its own maintenance problems). As we've seen, the sites with the most backlinks win, and those with the freshest content also win. RSS creates a win-win situation. Once you have data in a standardized format, new forms of content distribution channels are only limited by your imagination, and scripting ability.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RSS Top 10

RSS Specifications
rss blog, general information and rss articles

FeedForAll -
tutorials, free rss2html script and free button generator

RSS Compedium
list of resources

free hosting services

Harvard Law
specifications and RSS version history

Marketing Studies
educational blog and RSS articles

Lockergnome RSS Resource
long established blog

MNot RSS Tutorial
features and benefits tutorial

articles and history

Make RSS Feeds
instructional site

RSS Tools
collection of RSS tools and an instructional site

Collection of RSS Related Sites

RSS Network - Searchable categorized directory of RSS feeds.

FeedBurner - FeedBurner is an RSS/Atom post-processing service that allows publishers to enhance their feeds in a variety of interesting and powerful ways. By republishing their feeds through FeedBurner, publishers gain detailed feed statistics, maximum feed format compatibility, "shockproofing" to absorb bandwidth spikes, and more.

Find that Feed - search for specific RSS feeds

RSS Locator - locate rss feeds by searching

Complete RSS -find and subscribe to RSS Feeds

Make RSS Feeds - step by step walk through detailing how to create an rss feed.

Feedster - allows for users to search for RSS feeds.

GoArticles - Syndicate articles appearing on GoArticles a large article repository, GoArticles creates java script that can be inserted into websites.

RSS Compedium - Welcome to the RSS Compendium, designed to link you to information about RSS readers, resources, tools, etc...

RSS Daily News - News related to RSS

RSS Software - Software related to RSS

Viral RSS - Collection of RSS links

FeedFiles - Submit a feed resource.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" -- it's a format for distributing and gathering content from sources across the Web, including newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Web publishers use RSS to easily create and distribute news feeds that include links, headlines, and summaries. The Christian Science Monitor, CNN, and CNET News are among the many sites that now deliver updated online content via RSS.

Yahoo! News offers dozens of RSS feeds you can read in My Yahoo! or using third-party RSS news reader software. Click here to find out more about RSS and how you can use it with Yahoo! News.

NEW: Photo thumbnails in Yahoo! News' RSS feeds! We're now offering thumbnails of related photos for stories in our RSS feeds, giving you an even richer news experience. (Note: your RSS reader may not support the viewing of thumbnails.)

What kind of content does Yahoo! News syndicate via RSS?
Yahoo! News is offering many feeds in the RSS format. The feeds are free of charge to use for individuals and non-profit organizations for non-commercial use. Attribution (included in each feed) is required.