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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Collection of RSS Related Sites

RSS Network - Searchable categorized directory of RSS feeds.

FeedBurner - FeedBurner is an RSS/Atom post-processing service that allows publishers to enhance their feeds in a variety of interesting and powerful ways. By republishing their feeds through FeedBurner, publishers gain detailed feed statistics, maximum feed format compatibility, "shockproofing" to absorb bandwidth spikes, and more.

Find that Feed - search for specific RSS feeds

RSS Locator - locate rss feeds by searching

Complete RSS -find and subscribe to RSS Feeds

Make RSS Feeds - step by step walk through detailing how to create an rss feed.

Feedster - allows for users to search for RSS feeds.

GoArticles - Syndicate articles appearing on GoArticles a large article repository, GoArticles creates java script that can be inserted into websites.

RSS Compedium - Welcome to the RSS Compendium, designed to link you to information about RSS readers, resources, tools, etc...

RSS Daily News - News related to RSS

RSS Software - Software related to RSS

Viral RSS - Collection of RSS links

FeedFiles - Submit a feed resource.

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