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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How to Promote Your RSS Feeds

In order to get the maximum benefit from your RSS feeds you need to register the URLs with as many places as you can. If you have created more than one feed you should do a little preparation before you start the registration process. Registering your feeds is time consuming, but worth every minute you spend doing it.

We suggest that you create a Word document with the feed URLs so it is easier for you to copy and paste them to do the registration process.

How to find your RSS URL: Navigate to the place on your website where you have the RSS button. Right click the "rss" syndication option (or orange RSS icon) and select "Copy Shortcut". Paste this URL into your document.

When you have all your URLs, log on to each of the search engines and RSS indexing services listed below.

Some of the websites have an easy to use registration process and some of them require you to send an email to them with the URLs in the message.

Please read all the instructions on each site thoroughly. Some of them require you to validate the feed registration process, so make sure you go through the entire process.

Here is a good list you can use to get more visibility for your feeds:

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